There are many of you who already know, but many more of you do not know what has been transpiring in our lives these past two days. I will make a very long and emotional story somewhat shorter. Yesterday our middle son, Jace, began have extreme abdominal pain at 6am. He could not get comfort nor did the pain go away. He began to run a fever so we decided to take him to his pediatrician. She immediately sent us to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa thinking he may have appendicitis. After the first few tests and blood work came back that was ruled out. His blood work showed low levels in all three areas. So today, he had a bone marrow biopsy which resulted in a diagnosis of acute leukemia.
We are currently waiting for more tests to come back to determine which type of leukemia he has so that we can know the best way to treat it. Tomorrow he will have a port put in so that he can begin treatment immediately. They will also do a spinal tap to see if the leukemia cells are present there. The plan is for us to spend about a week in the hospital for his first round of treatment. After that, we are not real sure.
What we do know is this, we did not expect this, nor did we see any signs pointing to this, but we serve the God of this universe who knew about this from before the foundations of the earth. So it is in Him that we trust and it is Him who will give us the strength and grace and endurance to walk down this road. Joy and I overwhelmed with the amount of prayers that are going up for Jace, us, and our family. We are beyond blessed to serve an amazing church, Southside Baptist Church, who is supporting, loving, and praying us through this difficult time. We are blessed to know that there are people who live all over the world currently praying for Jace and us. As of right now we know of people in Asia, Africa, Indonesia, America, Japan, and other locations around the world. The prayers are keeping us sane for the moment so please continue to lift us up each time the Lord lays us on your heart and mind.
Rest assured that we are trusting God to walk us through this and when we can’t walk any further we know that he will carry us through. God intentionally gives us more that we can manage so that we will rely on Him and Him alone, but God will never give us more than He can manage.
Many of you have called and many will ask questions, posts comments, text, and/or call. We will do our best to respond, but we will not be able to respond to all. For now, we will use Facebook as a means to communicate with the masses. Please feel free to share, post, email, and even print information so that others will join in the ‪#‎prayforjace‬ fight. I will try to post something each day to keep you informed. Also, you can check in with our church family to get updates as well. Thanks for your friendship, love, prayers, and support. We hope you all have a blessed night.

We love you all,
Chad and Joy Driggers

Vacation Bible School 2016

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering 2016

Annie ArmstrongSo far the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering stands at $3,538.83. Our goal is $4,000 and the drive will continue through April. 100% of the gifts go to support NAM (North American Missions) and more than 5,000 missionaries who are pushing back lostness and planting Churches in North America. Please be in prayer for what God would have you give.

5-5-50 Outreach Event

Experiencing God

Experiencing GodExperiencing God, is a new bible study that will begin Wednesday February 24th starting at 6:30pm in the atrium. If you would like to be a part of this study call the church office and purchase your workbook ($10). If you have any questions see Pastor Chad.

Easter At Southside

Easter at Southside

‘The Gospel’: Join us Sunday evening on March 20th as our choir presents their Easter Cantata ‘The Gospel’. Service begins at 6:00pm and we encourage you to invite your friends and family out.

Children’s Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday March 26th will be our annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt here at Southside. Open to kids of all ages. Easter Egg Hunt, Crafts, Snacks and much more. For more information on this event contact Pastor Ricky Holder by emailing him ricky@southsidebrandon.org

Sonrise Service: Sunday morning join us for our annual Sonrise Service in the atrium. Service begins at 7am. Breakfast (served by our youth) will follow along with regular services (11:00am/6:00pm) For more information contact the church office.

Good Friday Bible Study: Join us from 6:30pm-12:00am for our Good Friday Bible Study taught IMB president David Platt (via recorded video)

Use #EasterAtSouthside on social media and tag us @sbcbrandonfl