Dominican Republic Mission

Daily Prayer Guide

July 15 – July 21, 2017


Team Members

Pastor Ricky Holder & Craig Holder (Pastor Ricky’s dad), Chad Norgard & Grace Norgard, Scott Michie, Steve Sommercamp, and a team of 8 members from First Baptist Church Palm Coast.


SATURDAY, July 15:  Travel day:  Pray the team yields their gifts and talents to the service of the Lord for His glory.

Pray there are no flight or weather delays

Pray for a smooth uneventful flight connection and departure in Ft. Lauderdale

Pray for all luggage to arrive at final destination with the team

Pray for swift passage through Dominican Republic Customs.

Pray for transportation to accommodations to be waiting upon arrival of the teams.


SUNDAY July 16:  Pray the team has a fresh encounter with the Lord as they worship Him with local believers at the local church in El Carrizal.

Pray for hearts to be prepared for moments the Lord will place in their path over the next few days.

Pray for a relaxing afternoon at the beach.

Pray for both teams (Southside and First Baptist Palm Coast) to unite with one heart to successfully minister to those  you are called to serve.


MONDAY July 17:  Pray the team members who are returning are encouraged by the progress that has been made since their last visit.  Pray for new members of the team as they catch the vision of the Lord’s hand through many by providing homes.

Pray for safe travel to and from the ministry site

Pray for the Driver to be alert and focused to and from the site.

Pray for clear understanding of the project

Pray preparation for each day’s agenda


TUESDAY July 18:  Pray for patience and strength.

Pray for renewed and new relationships with the children

Pray God will allow the team to be the complete hands and feet of Jesus and recognize every opportunity given to them to share the gospel with the everyone they encounter…children and adults

Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with the new homeowners who have settled in the homes built by Southside.

Pray for complete protection spiritually, mentally and physically.


WEDNESDAY July 19:  Pray for morning/devotions & evening debriefings to speak to the hearts of each person.

Pray for energy and endurance.  Pray for cool breezes.  Pray for team to stay hydrated. Pray all construction tools are in good working order and materials to be available.

Pray for the whole team to stay well and no one to get sick so they can put all they have into everything they do.

Pray for the Family Movie Night this evening. Pray that the media equipment will work and that many will come. Pray that connections can be made that will lead to the gospel.


THURSDAY  July 20:  Pray for compassion for the children, families and one another.

Pray for teams to learn from one another

Pray for the locals and team members to encounter Jesus together

Pray for successful completion of the week’s project

Pray for good byes to be sweet and filled with everlasting relationships.  Pray the team members will be a blessing to those providing meals, transportation, translators, job site leaders, and many others at Orphans Heart Ministries.


FRIDAY July 21:  Pray the team has witnessed the Lord’s sovereignty through all they have seen and done.

Pray for safe travel to Santo Domingo

Pray the team enjoys a little sight seeing before the late afternoon departure, Pray for safe travel, on time flights and connections.

Pray for luggage to arrive with the team. Pray for smooth sailing through US Customs. Pray for family reunions. Pray hearts have been forever changed with a new zeal to reach the lost here and to the uttermost.