Who can go on this mission trip?  

This trip will be open to a limited number of people. This will be a vision casting/planning trip. We will visit the country and the Nales family to explore an ongoing mission partnership and what future trips would include. 

When is the trip? 

Fall 2018 

What will we be doing? 

  • Ministry & evangelism: We will be leading Bible study and worship in the nearby village and engaging local families in discipleship. After school program for very low-income children is offered during the week.  
  • Teaching: Rromani ministries offers English classes to both adults and children. 
  • Cultural exposure: Romania is a European nation rich with history and beautiful landmarks. You will experience city life and visit the local villages while ministering to the Roma people. 

What is the cost/travel breakdown? 

Total cost per person will be between $1500 and $2000 including airfare, visa, in country travel, lodging, and food. Since this is our first trip, numbers may fluctuate as travel arrangements are made. A Visa to enter the country is required and will need to be obtained before the trip. Please be sure your passport is up to date before signing up for this trip. 

How can I learn more about this trip? 

Contact Pastor Ricky and/or Pastor Shaun

What will I do to prepare for this trip? 

Fill out a Southside Missions Application and speak to one of our pastors.