Pastor Chad announces 5-5-50 Vision

What in the world is 5-5-50? It’s a vision Pastor Chad shared with the church in early October to 1) reach our neighbors, and 2) repair and remodel many of our buildings and spaces on campus.

So what’s the 50?

  • It’s our 50th anniversary celebration coming in 24 months.

What’s the 5?

  • We are praying that God move and we will see 500 of us can gathered in worship on that day.

What’s the next 5?

  • We are praying that God will move and we will raise $500,000 cash to fix up our property so it will be ready to welcome all those new people.

We pray you can be involved however the Lord is leading you. Whether through prayer, service or financial giving, your effort is recognized and greatly valued.

Click here to give online.

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