Dates to Know:

Regular monthly meetings:

The 4th Sunday of every month at 5:00 p.m.  (Remember one of the leaders from your group must be at these meetings).

Spring Training: TBA

Internet Resources:

Explore the Bible: Blog of sessions from Explore the Bible

Bible Studies for Life: Blog of sessions from Bible Studies for Life Various Videos and Articles

Blue Letter Bible: Articles, videos, commentaries, teaching helps, reading plans, a good resource for study

Bible Gateway: different versions, plans, devotions

Ligonier: monthly subscription required, fantastic resource of video, audio, and written teaching

Precept Austin: excellent source for verse by verse study

Thom Rainer: blog and podcast on various church related topics. A great source for answering practical church related questions.

Ask Pastor John: John Piper responds to a variety of questions in podcast format. There is also an app for this.

Masters Seminary: video lectures on various topics

Group DNA


Every group should be working to connect all Southside attenders to one of our small groups! So regularly pray for and encourage those who attend to join a group. Keep an eye out for people you may not know during worship and get to know them.

Every group should be working to bring unbelievers to Jesus. Share the names of people you are intentionally sharing the gospel with and pray for them. Give updates each week on your progress as a means for accountability and encouragement.


Every group should be striving to help their members grow into mature, reproducing Christians. Over time you should be able to identify which stage of their walk they are in and how you can help them grow. You should have a general idea of what their daily time in the Word and prayer looks like.

Every group should be helping their members connect to ministry. We are all the body of Christ and need every member to be their part. The monthly list of ministry needs and opportunities will be a great resource for prayer and helping the members of your find their place in ministry at Southside.


Every group should have a vibrant prayer life. Encourage your group to share requests and give follow up to how God is answering those prayers.

Every group should meet regularly for “fellowship”. Regularity will look different for each group, but we should al be grwoing closer together through activity (the should also be true as we study and minister together!).

Every group should work to meet the physical and spiritual needs of other members. If one of your members is having surgery make sure someone visits them! If they have a house problem they can’t fix, help them fix it! If the need is great and cannot be met by your class then make sure to share it with the pastors or deacons.

Remember the natural flow of making disciples at Southside!

Corporate worship ——–> Small Groups ——–> Ministry and Discipleship Groups

Three components of a gathering: Relate…Reflect…Respond

Here is a good outline of the components of a regular gathering.


            Leaders should share the following each week (or as scheduled):

  1. Encourage your group to study the Word and pray every day. Spend time keeping each other accountable and, as needed, finding ways to help each other.
  2. Plan with your class to be involved in a ministry project for 2017.
  3. Each class is assigned a missionary/missions organization every month. Some ways that you can support are: prayer, cards, collecting money throughout the month, etc…
  4. Share about ministry opportunities within the church encouraging everyone has a place and to find it in the body of Christ.
  5. Become educated about a social justice issue (i.e. orphan care, abortion, trafficking, poverty, prison, etc…) and plan a group event for 2017 to get involved.

Prayer – during your prayer time remember to encourage your groups to pray through our weekly prayer focus. You can find it on our website or paper copies are available in the general meeting areas of building B and D.


Review – a time to review the truths discussed last week and report on how members have had success or frustrations in applying those truths during the week. The leader will want to provide encouragements and shepherding during this time. Periodically, the leader will also want to review the gospel and allow members to share about opportunities they’ve had to share the gospel. After sharing it could be an appropriate time to pray for struggles regarding the application of truths.

Continue your time by teaching from God’s word (lesson from your literature, book, study, etc…) and reflect on it’s implication for our lives. Encourage your group to bring their Bibles and not rely solely on their literature.

Discuss – Throughout the lesson focus on these aspects and ask these questions of the Scripture:

Head – What does God want me to know?
Heart – What does God want me to desire/value?
Hands – What does God want me to do?


This is usually covered in the material. Use these other questions to supplement.

  • What are some of the main truths that God wants you to know from the lesson?
  • How do your thoughts need to adjust to align with these truths?
  • According to the truths from the lesson, what does God want you to value?
  • How do your values need to change to align with His values?
  • What actions does God want you to take according to the truths of this lesson?
  • What is an action that you can start to implement today or tomorrow?

Close in prayer, praying for each other, specifically for strength in the application of these truths and for the lost people with whom you are seeking to share the gospel.