Every Wednesday night we give time to prayer on behalf of our friends, family, and the lost around the world. We start with an international focus, praying for every country in the world. Then we move to a North American focus, praying for strategic cities the North American Mission Board has identified as well as for events and issues in our country. Afterwards we focus on Florida and our local area. We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a guide during your personal and family prayer times during the week.

International Focus

Sao Tome and Principe, Africa       (learn more at www.operationworld.org and www.prayercast.com):
Population: 165,397    People Groups: N/A     Unreached: N/A
Christian Population: 87%       Evangelical: 4 %

Sao Tome and Principe is an isolated and underdeveloped nation due to poor communication and infrastructure. Once Africa’s largest exporter of sugar and the world’s largest producer of cacao, the economy is greatly affected by market fluctuations and inflation.  As a result of drought and the dwindling number of skilled farmers, agriculture is declining. Over half of the population lives below the poverty line, and there are no major industries to provide income to both the people and the economy. Oil, tourism, and fisheries are growing sectors, but they are far from being fully established. Women can own and run their own business, and they uniquely serve the economy as fish traders.

Eighty-seven percent of the population is Christian. The largest segment is Catholicism, but syncretism, especially ancestor worship, is very prevalent in the Church. Appeasing the spirits have become more important than following Christ. The believers on the islands need to turn away from spiritism and set their eyes completely on Christ. Sao Tome and Principe is ranked 13th among nations with the fastest evangelical growth and grows 6.5 percent annually. The Principe islanders, the Angolares (rural fisherfolk), and the servicais (contract workers) are a part of the less-reached peoples. There is a great need for the Evangelicals and missionaries to reach out to these groups with the love of Christ.

Pray for: continued freedom to proclaim the Gospel, the ancestor worshiping Christians to come to knowledge of the sovereign Lord, full financial support for Christian missionaries and organizations working in country.

Pray for these countries that have been affected by natural disasters in 2017: Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, The Bahamas, The Unites States (especially Florida and Texas), Mexico, Zimbabwe, China, Peru, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Sierra Leone, South Asia (more than 1200 deaths from monsoon rains).

North American Focus

Las Vegas, NV  (learn more at www.namb.net):
Population: 2.06 million– 1 SBC church for every 18,316 residents

The city’s own marketing campaigns have become national, if not international clichés. “Sin City.” “What happens in Vegas …” The latest offering from the visitor’s bureau, “Know the Code,” asks visitors to vow an oath of secrecy for their time in the city. Almost 100,000 people have already made the pledge.Las Vegas is a city of lights,” says Ben Barfield, Send Las Vegas missionary. “From space, it is the brightest place on earth according to NASA, but we have begun to see a spark across this valley. This spark of a church planting movement is shining true light and hope in this city known for it’s darkness.Las Vegas is much more than the Strip and casinos. It is a sprawling western city devastated by the real estate bust and a struggling economy. Vegas needs the hope of the gospel.With just shy of 2 million people, Las Vegas has only 113 Southern Baptist churches. That’s an SBC church-to-population ratio of 1:18,316. Vegas needs the help of Southern Baptists.

Pray that: God sends church planters who fit the culture and who are committed, God strengthens the overall testimony of His Church in Las Vegas, God burdens pastors for greater cooperation and networking. Pray for church planters: Austin Ryan, Fernando Argumedo, Aaron Garcia, Jim Collins.

Florida Focus

Continue to pray for Florida Baptist Disaster Relief as they mobilize and help the area affected by Harvey and Irma and other disasters. Pray that Florida Baptists will overwhelmingly give of their time and resources to help.

Local Focus

Pray for our 5-5-50 vision as we strive to reach 500 people and raise $500,000.00. Pray that Southside will stay committed through the end of the year to pray at 9:38 AM/PM for workers and for three people in our area that need Jesus or connection to a local church.

Pray for our Pastor search committee as they prayerfully read resumes, conduct interviews, and eventually present the man they believe God is calling to Southside. Our committee is Brianna Simpson, Scott Michie, Allison Norgard, Rick Emrich, Wayne Clark, Jaca DePriest, Robert Lucas.

Missionaries/Missions We Support

Mitch & Sarah Eggers – IMB missionaries in Central Asia
Dexter Family – TEL missionaries in China
The DeLoaches – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea
The Sanders – World Team missionaries in Moldova
Lynn Kennedy – Shattering Darkness missionary Burkina Faso, Africa
Michael and Jane Nales – Missionaries in Romania
Rob, Nicole, Ellie, Olivia & Kate Burdette – Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Family in Southeast Asia
Chuck & Pat Springer
Campers on Mission