Every Wednesday night we give time to prayer on behalf of our friends, family, and the lost around the world. We start with an international focus, praying for every country in the world. Then we move to a North American focus, praying for strategic cities the North American Mission Board has identified as well as for events and issues in our country. Afterwards we focus on Florida and our local area. We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a guide during your personal and family prayer times during the week.

Southside Baptist Church

Pray for our Pastor search committee as they prayerfully read resumes, conduct interviews, and eventually present the man they believe God is calling to Southside. Our committee is Brianna Simpson, Scott Michie, Allison Norgard, Rick Emrich, Wayne Clark, Jaca DePriest, Robert Lucas.

Pray for our 2018 mission trips to Brandon, Washington D.C., Dominican Republic, and Romania. Pray that God will burden the hearts of our people to pray regularly for the work of God in these places.  Pray that we will give sacrificially to enable others to go if we cannot and aid in the work we will do. Pray that many will commit to going on mission  in 2018. Pray for a missions heart of sending and going in all our people.

Pray for our ongoing efforts to go to every home in our surrounding neighborhoods with an info card about Southside and upcoming events. Pray for discernment in seeing needs we could meet. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

Pray that God would raise up Hispanic speaking believers in our church so we can better reach our Hispanic neighbors with the good news of Jesus.

Brandon Area

Pray that opportunities to minister and reach out will be clearly seen as we prepare for Southside Outreach Week. Pray that organizations, schools, and other places will be willing to work alongside us. Pray that through our efforts, and the ongoing efforts of other churches,  Brandon will experience a revival.

Florida Focus

Pray for Florida Baptist Convention executive director Tommy Green and his family. Pray that God will grant him and his team wisdom to lead Florida Baptist churches to more effectively reach our communities, our state, and the world. Pray that his walk with God grows deeper and stronger.

The United States of America

Our country is at a crossroads again in regards to immigration. As Christians we must remember that discussions about the worth of a prospective citizen and legal vs. illegal immigration are dealing with real people, many of whom need to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Pray that Christians will have a
biblical view of our immigration issues. Pray that Christians will seek out ways to minister and share the gospel with those who have immigrated to the United States (legally and illegally). Pray that God will use those who give their lives to Christ to devote their lives to reaching their people group (many times an unreached or hard to reach group). Pray that as Christians speak about the issue that their conversations will be seasoned with grace and the love of God. Finally, pray that differing opinions on the solutions Christians have will not cause disunity, but that we would rally around our common cause o make the gospel known to these peoples.

North American Cities

Pittsburgh, PA (learn more at www.namb.net):
Population: 2.4 million– 1 SBC church for every 42,890 residents

There’s something for everyone in the city of Pittsburgh. A city known for its advancements in industry and infrastructure, Pittsburgh boasts some 446 bridges within its city limits and the largest inland port in the country. Loyal fans of the Penguins, Steelers, Pirates and more know the city as a hub for awards and excellence in sports. As a city rich in tradition, there is no shortage of food, culture, arts and activities in Pittsburgh. In just the past year,BusinessWeek ranked Pittsburgh one of the top places to live and raise a family in America, only adding to its growing reputation as one of the most habitable cities in the Northeast. Yet with all this to offer, there is still something missing in the city of Pittsburgh. Though the city is rich in religious tradition, there is a significant lack of healthy, gospel-centered churches working to revive the city in the name of Christ. Currently, there are only 57 SBC churches serving the Pittsburgh
population of close to 2.5 million people. With only one church for every 42,890 residents, there simply aren’t enough churches to reach all the lost and seeking people who call Pittsburgh home.

Pray for planters and replanters coming to the Pittsburg metropolitan area due to God’s calling. Pray for indigenous planters that will help with developing a new generation of leaders. Pray for more Sending Churches that want to see Pittsburgh transformed by the gospel of Jesus. Pray for these men who are involved in planting churches: John Freeman, Toshifumi Tsuchihashi, Josh Tancordo, Rob Maine, Adam Sewell.

Every Country in the world

Sudan, Africa  (learn more at www.operationworld.org and www.prayercast.com):
Population: 35.7 million People Groups: 165 Unreached: 78%
Christian Population: 7%   Evangelical: 5% Muslim: 66%

Today, the majority of Sudan’s inhabitants are Arab Sunni Muslims. As the ruling majority, their influence over law and government is strong. Though a recent agreement provided protection for non-Arabs, conversion to Christianity is legally punishable by death. While their brothers and sisters in South Sudan live in relative freedom, believers in Sudan face strong persecution, with those in the Nuba Mountains facing the most severe. There is a great need for regional and denominational unity and the establishment of Christian communities throughout Sudan. Pray that Sudanese believers would remain faithful to Christ despite persecution and join together as a unified body of believers.

Pray for: definitive peace and stability between tribal groups and military commanders who continue to vie for power, pray for government leaders to rule with integrity and justice, the church to grow spiritually strong despite intense suffering and persecution.

Unreached Peoples

The Fulani, Sudanese people of Sudan

Population: 217,000 in Sudan; 4.8 million worldwide Christian population: 0% Main religion: Islam

PRAISE God they have a complete written and audio bible, Jesus Film, and other Gospel recordings.
* There are gospel recordings available in their languages. Pray that Fulani people will have access to them, as well as Christian radio broadcasts.
* Pray that there will soon come a day when there will be skits and plays that teach the Fulani about the life of Christ and about Christ-like living.
* Pray for the Fulani to come in contact with Holy Spirit-led believers in Sudan and South Sudan.
* Pray for the Holy Spirit to do a new work among Fulani leaders that will open doors for a movement to Christ.
* Pray for faithful teams to regularly pray for the Fulani people.

Missionaries/Missions We Support

Mitch & Sarah Eggers – IMB missionaries in Central Asia
Dexter Family – TEL missionaries in China
The DeLoaches – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea
The Sanders – World Team missionaries in Moldova
Lynn Kennedy – Shattering Darkness missionary Burkina Faso, Africa
Michael and Jane Nales – Missionaries in Romania
Rob, Nicole, Ellie, Olivia & Kate Burdette – Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Family in Southeast Asia
Chuck & Pat Springer
Campers on Mission