Every Wednesday night we give time to prayer on behalf of our friends, family, and the lost around the world. We start with an international focus, praying for every country in the world. Then we move to a North American focus, praying for strategic cities the North American Mission Board has identified as well as for events and issues in our country. Afterwards we focus on Florida and our local area. We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a guide during your personal and family prayer times during the week.

 International Focus

Slovakia, Europe                   (learn more at www.operationworld.org and www.prayercast.com):
Population: 5.4 million                People Groups: 20             Unreached: 5%
Christian Population: 93%                Evangelical: 1%

Since Czechoslovakia split into Slovakia and Czech Republic in a peaceful settlement known as the “Velvet Divorce”, Slovakia has successfully developed into a nation with a flourishing economy.  Though there is a distinct gap between rich and poor, and unemployment is still an issue being addressed, the Slovak people have instigated numerous business and government reforms to encourage growth.  Among the various ethnic groups that compromise the Slovak population is the Romani community, a small indigenous enclave that has in recent years been experiencing persecution and abuse at the hands of Slovak police.  Although authorities have been called on to end the violence, many Romani people feel they are treated as second-class citizens.

The country of Slovakia has undergone radical changes in the past decade alone, and one of the unfortunate changes that has taken shape in the shadow of modernization is the development of spiritual stagnation.  Though eighty to ninety
percent of the population calls itself Christian, diminishing church attendance and a heavy atmosphere of nominalism shows a waning faith in the Slovak people.  Despite a traditional Christian heritage permeating Slovak culture,
depression and suicide rates are some of the highest in Europe.

Pray for: the Slovak church to embrace a vision for planting churches, discipleship, and evangelism, for seminaries and Bible schools to impart a burden for world evangelization to their students, love to be lavished upon the Romani Gypsies who would in turn be more responsive to the Gospel.

North American Focus

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (learn more at www.namb.net):
Population: 1.4 million– 1 CBC church for every 44,586 residents

Calgary, Alberta’s reputation precedes itself as Canada’s oil-rich city rising along the Bow River and into the Canadian Rockies. Business, skiing, tourism and ranchlands tend to define this area in the world’s mind. But there’s another side to Stampede City. Only 5.2 percent of its 1.4 million inhabitants claim to believe in Jesus Christ. And with only one
Canadian National Baptist (CNBC) church for every 44,586 people, there’s a long way to go in reaching this city. If
Edmonton is the production and blue-collar side of the oil industry in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, Calgary means white-collar business. So as Canadians and immigrant populations move to the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor for fortunes or for higher learning, Southern Baptists and Canadian National Baptists are laying the foundation for another type of future growth. “We’re really asking God for an indigenous movement,” said Bob Shelton, City Coordinator for Send North America: Calgary. “This means getting local leaders to own the strategy and to develop leaders for future plants.

Pray: that the 11 strategic churches would develop multiplication strategies, for continued increase in missionaries, for indigenous planters. Pray for church planters Amare Taye, Seung Hun Cha (David), Dan Sweaza, Herwyn Tagle, Dr. Richard and Elaine Horner.

Florida Focus

Pray for Florida Governor Rick Scott , Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera, and other Florida legislators. Pray for their families, that those who do not know Jesus would hear the gospel and believe. Pray that God would direct them, in wisdom, to lead our state well for the glory of God. Pray that God would protect them from the temptation to choose evil.

Local Focus

Pray for our 5-5-50 vision as we strive to reach 500 people and raise $500,000.00. Pray that Southside renew or begin to pray at 9:38 AM/PM for workers and for three people in our area that need Jesus or connection to a local church.

Pray for our Pastor search committee as they prayerfully read resumes, conduct interviews, and eventually present the man they believe God is calling to Southside. Our committee is Brianna Simpson, Scott Michie, Allison Norgard, Rick Emrich, Wayne Clark, Jaca DePriest, Robert Lucas.

Pray for our 2018 mission trips to Brandon, Washington D.C., Dominican Republic, and Romania. Pray that God will burden the hearts of our people to pray regularly for the work of God in these places.  Pray that we will give sacrificially to enable others to go if we cannot and aid in the work we will do. Pray that many will commit to going on mission  in 2018. Pray for a missions heart of sending and going in all our people.

Missionaries/Missions We Support

Mitch & Sarah Eggers – IMB missionaries in Central Asia
Dexter Family – TEL missionaries in China
The DeLoaches – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea
The Sanders – World Team missionaries in Moldova
Lynn Kennedy – Shattering Darkness missionary Burkina Faso, Africa
Michael and Jane Nales – Missionaries in Romania
Rob, Nicole, Ellie, Olivia & Kate Burdette – Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Family in Southeast Asia
Chuck & Pat Springer
Campers on Mission