Every Wednesday night we give time to prayer on behalf of our friends, family, and the lost around the world. We start with an international focus, praying for every country in the world. Then we move to a North American focus, praying for strategic cities the North American Mission Board has identified as well as for events and issues in our country. Afterwards we focus on Florida and our local area. We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a guide during your personal and family prayer times during the week.


International Focus

Papua New Guinea – Pacific  (learn more at www.operationworld.org and www.prayercast.com):
Population: 6.8  million                       People Groups: 879     Unreached: NA%
Christian Population: 95%                   Evangelical: 25%

Papua New Guinea is a complex island nation and one of the most culturally diverse in the world. Located in an area called the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. The nation consists of the eastern half of the island, as well as smaller islands. It is one of the most rural countries, with only 13% of the people living in urban centers. It is also one of the world’s least explored countries, both culturally and geographically. With a population of nearly 7 million, roughly 830 different languages are spoken. Each indigenous language group has only about 1,000 speakers, though some are now only spoken by a few. Ninety-six percent of people are Christian, but there are spiritual strongholds over the people through traditions of witchcraft, spiritism, and related violence. God’s word is not easily accessible to many people because of the diverse languages, hence there is continued need for translation and more literacy programs. Forty percent of the population is illiterate, which hinders the working of God’s word in their lives. May God establish a true peace and a new identity that rises above tribal and ethnic ties so that the people are brought together in a way that will only be accomplished through Christ as He provides creative solutions to meet the people’s needs.

Pray for: an end to tribal fighting, revenge killing, and sorcery-related violence, audio discipleship materials in all 300+ languages still needing translation work, unity of the Spirit across isolated and diverse church communities.

North American Focus

Pittsburgh, PA (learn more at www.namb.net):
Population: 2.4 million– 1 SBC church for every 42,890 residents

Though the city is rich in religious tradition, there is a significant lack of healthy, gospel-centered churches working to revive the city in the name of Christ. Currently, there are only 57 SBC churches serving the Pittsburgh population of close to 2.5 million people. With only one church for every 42,890 residents, there simply aren’t enough churches to reach all the lost and seeking people who call Pittsburgh home. “What this city needs more than anything is a genuine community of Christians who are committed for the long-haul,” says Pittsburgh area church planter, Rob Maine. “There is a need in Pittsburgh for people to come, share the gospel, make disciples and pray that Jesus will do what He promised us in Scripture.”

Pray: for wisdom for the strategy team on the field, for planters who will love the city and people of Pittsburgh, that non-evangelical pockets in the region would be reached, Pray for Pittsburgh church planters: Aaron Walp, John Freeman, Toshifumi Tsuchihashi.

Our Country

Pray for our President, Donald Trump, and his cabinet. Pray that God will give them wisdom and discernment to lead our country well. Pray for their salvation and growth. Pray for their marriages and families to be strong.

Florida Focus

Pray for the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry and it’s leader Delton Beall. Pray God will raise up many Florida Baptists to engage the training opportunities the next month. Pray that God will, by His grace, give us a mild storm season. Pray that when disaster happens Florida Baptist will be able to minister the gospel while meeting physical needs.

Local Focus

Pray for our 5-5-50 vision as we strive to reach 500 people and raise $500,000.00 by September 10, 2017. Pray that Southside will stay committed the end of the year to pray at 9:38 AM/PM for workers and for three people in our area that need Jesus or connection to a local church.

Pray for VBS @ the Park! Pray for Heather Lakes and Saladino park and the surrounding neighborhoods. Pray that God will raise up many people to help with promotion and prayer and leading. Pray that a great harvest of salvation will come to many families. Pray for good weather.

Missionaries/Missions We Support

Mitch & Sarah Eggers – IMB missionaries in Central Asia
Dexter Family – TEL missionaries in China
The DeLoaches – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea
The Sanders – World Team missionaries in Moldova
Lynn Kennedy – Shattering Darkness missionary Burkina Faso, Africa
Michael and Jane Nales – Missionaries in Romania
Rob, Nicole, Ellie, Olivia & Kate Burdette – Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Family in Southeast Asia
Chuck & Pat Springer
Campers on Mission