Every Wednesday night we give time to prayer on behalf of our friends, family, and the lost around the world. We start with an international focus, praying for every country in the world. Then we move to a North American focus, praying for strategic cities the North American Mission Board has identified as well as for events and issues in our country. Afterwards we focus on Florida and our local area. We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a guide during your personal and family prayer times during the week.


International Focus

Portugal – Europe  (learn more at www.operationworld.org and www.prayercast.com):
Population: 10.7  million                     People Groups: 31       Unreached: 13%
Christian Population: 94%                   Evangelical: 3%

Portugal is a financially and spiritually bankrupt nation.  As late as the 16th century, the nation’s power and wealth were almost unparalleled.  Now, an overwhelming feeling that the best days are behind them has left the people with a heavy hopelessness. Though over 94% claim Christianity as their faith, few openly practice or evangelize.  It is a stagnant belief based upon tradition and habit, not a living and growing relationship with the Lord.  The Portuguese youth in particular are overlooked, and New Age ideals, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are beginning to take hold of those who do not know Christ.  Portugal is in desperate need of a revival now more than ever as the people struggle with substance abuse and the fear of economic failure.  God is bigger than the financial institutions of the world and stronger than drug addiction, and His provision will shine upon the Portuguese people.

Pray for: traditional religion to be replaced with genuine faith for those in the Roman Catholic Church, believers to catch a missions vision and seize evangelistic opportunities in the greater Portuguese-speaking world, the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance’s initiative to plant a church in every one of Portugal’s 316 counties by 2015.


North American Focus

New Orleans, LA (learn more at www.namb.net):
Population: 1 million– 1 SBC church for every 7,621 residents

A decade ago New Orleans could have been described as a graveyard for Southern Baptist church plants. Spiritual warfare permeated the city. Many people considered themselves religious—even Christian—despite having little understanding of the gospel. New evangelical churches didn’t just die—many couldn’t even get off the ground. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina changed everything. No other U.S. city lost more people between 2000 and 2009. At the same time, no U.S. city has had a greater percentage of new people move into it. An influx of younger Americans determined to help with the recovery and rebuild of the city and region is bringing New Orleans a new identity and providing new and exciting opportunities for church planting. In its darkest days Southern Baptists rushed to The Big Easy to help at an unprecedented level. According to statistics gathered by the Louisiana Baptist Convention, New Orleans hasn’t forgotten the generosity of Southern Baptists either. Among religious groups in the city, the report showed that Southern Baptists are now held in high esteem.

Pray for New Orleans church planters: Miguel Benitez, Page Brooks, Ryan Rice, Rene Phillips, and Troy Gause.


Florida Focus

Florida continues to be a great place to live for many. But churches have not kept up with the population growth. Consider these stats: the areas of Orlando/Daytona beach/Melbourne (#9) and West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce (#13) are among the top 20 most unchurched cities in our country. The Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne area is also #6 in a list of most de-churched cities. Pray for these cities and the churches in them. Pray that God will burden the hearts of Florida Baptists to reach their communities with the gospel.


Local Focus

Pray for our 5-5-50 vision as we strive to reach 500 people and raise $500,000.00 by September 10, 2017. Pray that Southside will stay committed the end of the year to pray at 9:38 AM/PM for workers and for three people in our area that need Jesus or connection to a local church. Pray for

Pray for VBS @ the park. Pray that many will come out on Saturday to help distribute fliers and that through those efforts many will come. Pray that the preparation continues to go well and that it will run smooth. Pray that many will come and help during our first VBS @ the park in Heather Lakes and will share the love of Christ boldly. Pray that meaningful connections will be made with families that will lead to salvation. Pray that Southside’s heart for our community will continue to grow as we meet and minister to them.

Missionaries/Missions We Support

Mitch & Sarah Eggers – IMB missionaries in Central Asia
Dexter Family – TEL missionaries in China
The DeLoaches – Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea
The Sanders – World Team missionaries in Moldova
Lynn Kennedy – Shattering Darkness missionary Burkina Faso, Africa
Michael and Jane Nales – Missionaries in Romania
Rob, Nicole, Ellie, Olivia & Kate Burdette – Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Family in Southeast Asia
Chuck & Pat Springer
Campers on Mission