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Wednesday April 12th –

10:44am: Praise the Lord! We (and you) have been praying for high numbers. God has answered those prayers. Jace’s ANC was was 2450 today!!! That is 2000 more than last week. Thank you for praying for Jace. Because his numbers were so high today they canceled the bone marrow biopsy. #prayforjace


Wednesday April 5th –

3:29pm: Thank you all for your prayers for Jace. He was able to get one round of chemo via his port today. His numbers are still too low to resume his daily chemo pills. We go back next Wednesday to check his numbers again. Prayerfully they will be above 750 so he can start treatment again. If they are not up by next week they will go ahead and do a bone marrow biopsy to see what is going on with his bone marrow. Please pray that it does not come to that. This journey we have been on the past 11 months is always filled with little surprises here and there. We are so thankful that God is in control of the journey, the surprises, and us. We know for certain that all things are being worked out for our good and His glory! Thanks again for your prayers. You have no idea what it means to us. #prayforjace

8:49am: Prayers for Jace today as we go in for them to check his counts and for him to get his chemo.


Wednesday March 29th –

12:29pm: Thank you for praying. Jace is home now. His chest x-ray came back clear. Praying his counts go up for next week’s chemo.

7:17am: Please pray for Jace. He is running fever again and coughing. We are taking him into the clinic today. They want to give him antibiotics through his port, swab him for a viral panel, and do a chest x-ray.


Sunday March 26th –

4:38pm: Joy and I want to thank each of you for participating in this fundraiser. Not only was an amazing amount of money raised ($2,000.00) but most importantly awareness was raised. Now, literally hundreds of people all over Florida, Georgia, TN, NC, and other places around the world are praying for Jace on a regular basis. We appreciate the Eldridge family more than words can express. We know that God is using and will continue to use Luke Eldridge in amazing ways. Shannon Eldridge and Billy Eldridge I know you are proud of Luke and so are we. Thank you for allowing our families to meet face-to-face and build a relationship that will continue for years to come. Please watch the video below and learn how our paths came to cross. God orchestrated this whole thing by using a couple of women committed to praying for a couple of boys battling cancer. Charlotte and Rosetta we are so thankful for your praying hearts. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you who pray for Jace. #prayforjace

(Check out the video of Jace and Luke meeting here)


Friday March 24th –

3:06pm: So a few months after Jace was diagnosed we get a phone call from a young man in Georgia who previously had cancer. He called and wanted to talk to Jace and let Jace know that he and his family was praying for him. This young man Luke Eldridge wanted to help our family out by doing a fundraiser for us. He used his own money and bought Pray for Jace bracelets. This fundraiser has been going on for the past several months now.

Tomorrow we get to meet this young man in person and we are excited! His mom and dad Shannon Eldridge and Billy Eldridge have been a huge part of this as well. Tomorrow we will be meeting with Luke and his family so that they can present to Jace the check for the amount they have raised.

One of our church members Charlotte Abernathy has been the contact person here in Florida for the bracelets and she will be a part of this meeting as well. I don’t know how much was raised, but I do know it was raised by hundreds of people who have been praying for Jace. We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done. Even if you haven’t bought a bracelet we know that so many of your are supporting us through prayers and well wishes. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of you.

Luke we look forward to meeting you tomorrow!


Tuesday March 21st – 

1:30pm: Dr. Mark Mogul released Jace to come home!! Yeah!!!

10:14am: Jace’s fever is gone for now. His ANC is 153. It is slowly climbing. Please pray that it goes up more quickly, so he doesn’t have to stay so long in the hospital.


Monday March 20th – 

12:02pm: Jace’s ANC is 144. So, it is on the rise. Praise the Lord!

10:34am: Dr. Mogul came in and thinks Jace will need to stay at least another 48 hours to continue the IV antibiotics. We are still waiting on his blood work. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Sunday March 19th – 

2:37pm: Jace has rhino-enterovirus. Please pray that his numbers start to rise, so he can fight off this sickness.

1:38pm: Jace’s numbers are pretty low (ANC is 100) so he is being admitted to the hospital. Please pray that his numbers go up soon.

The joys of having two people post to the same account. You get twice the posts. Lol. #prayforjace

1:28pm: Jace’s ANC is 100. He is being admitted. Please pray hard.

10:50am: Please pray for Jace this am. He is running fever and has to go to the ER.


Wednesday March 8th – 

1:38pm: Thanks so much for your prayers. Jace did well and we are headed home.

9:11am: Please pray for Jace as he goes in for chemo this morning.


Thursday February 9th – 

11:36am: Several of you have either asked or wondered what Maintenance is for Jace. So I hope this post will help you have a better understanding of what it is and how you can continue to pray for us.

Jace is now on a cycle that will repeat itself every three months for the next 2 1/2 to 3 years.

The first day of each cycle he will meet with the doctors, get his ANC levels checked, and then he will go have a lumbar puncture with chemo injected into his spinal column (intrathecal chemo). He will then go to the infusion center and receive Vincristine (chemo) via his port. Then 30 days later he returns for another round of Vincristine via his port and then again 30 days after that. So his time at the hospital will be dramatically reduced these next couple of years. for comparison; last year (from May to December) we traveled to the hospital at least 48 times. This year we should only go about 15 times.

But wait…there is more. This part will repeat every month. The first 5 days of every month he will take 5 steroid pills (2 1/2 pills twice a day) plus a Pepcid pill. Monday through Thursday he will take 1 1/2 pills of Mercaptopurine (chemo) and on Friday through Sunday he will only take 1 pill of Mercaptopurine(chemo). Every Wednesday he will take 7 pills of Methotrexate (another chemo). Every Saturday and Sunday he will take two doses of an antibiotic. Then that is pretty much it.

We are extremely grateful to be in this phase of the process. Jace, however, is not a big fan of taking all these meds at home. 🙂 The steroids really do a number on him both physically and emotionally. Please pray that he is able to manage his emotions during the steroid days. Also pray that the chemo meds do not have any effects on his body except to remove Leukemia completely!

Again we are very thankful to each of you for your continued prayers and support during this time. Please pray for Joy and me to draw nearer to Christ and rely on His strength, peace, and comfort as we walk this journey. Also pray that we use this as an opportunity to point others to Jesus. We do not want to waste this cancer on worry and stress and miss the eternal impact it can have on others.

#prayforjace #pray4jace #Godisgood


Wednesday February 8th – 

7:38pm: Thanks for the prayers today! Jace has had a long and tiring, but good day. He is officially in Maintenance!!!! We are so thankful for each of you and your support. We are truly blessed to have such a great group of doctors, nurses, assistants, and receptionists who really care for Jace. We are most grateful for God’s providential care for us not only in this season of life, but every season. Thanks again for the prayers.
#pray4jace #prayforjace #Godisgood

9:22am: Please pray for Jace today as he begins the final stage, maintenance, which will last about 3 years. Today, he will get Lumbar puncture with Intrathecal Chemo, chemo thru his port, begin 5 days of steroids, and chemo by mouth. Prayers for a smooth day, that his body responds favorably, with no side effects. God is so faithful.


Monday January 23rd –

1:39pm: Jace is done with his treatment for today. He did an awesome job. Thanks for praying!! He has 2 weeks off, and then starts maintenance.

9:52am: Please pray for Jace today as he gets 2 rounds of chemo.


Thursday January 12th –

9:48pm: Thanks for the prayers today. Jace had a long day, but he did really well. We are so thankful for each of you and the prayers you offer on our behalf. We know that God is blessing Jace and your prayers play a huge part in that. One more treatment in 11 days and then a two week break and then………………………….he begins maintenance. It is hard to believe that all this began 8 months ago. Thanks for walking alongside us. Have a great night.

9:26am: Jace has a long day planned at the hospital. He will check in with his amazing doctors and then get a lumbar puncture around noon and then finish the day off with more doses of chemo through his port.



Monday January 2nd –

12:28pm: Jace is finished with chemo for today. Thanks for praying. #prayforjace

9:46am: We are here at St. Joe’s getting ready for Jace’s 2 rounds of chemo. Prayers please.




Thursday December 22nd –

3:39pm: Thank you for your prayers. Jace tolerated his treatment well today.

8:56am: Jace is getting ready for his chemo treatment today.


Monday December 12th –

7:09pm: Thanks for the prayers today! Jace’s numbers were exactly what we needed them to be, but more importantly they were exactly what we were praying they would be. Our Lord saw fit to allow him to begin the next phase and so our prayers were answered. It was a pretty long day filled with a lumbar puncture and two chemo treatments via his port. Thanks again for the prayers. We love and appreciate all of you.

9:59am: God answers prayer. Jace’s ANC was exactly 750, which is what he needed to get his chemo. So, now he will have lumbar puncture with IT chemo and 2 chemos through this port. Thanks for your prayers. #prayforjace

8:57am: We are at St. Joe’s seeing if Jace qualifies for the next phase of chemo. Thanks for your prayers.


Sunday December 11th –

9:01pm: We had an awesome Christmas party with Tampa Bay Lightning and the Children’s Cancer Center. Cedric Paquette sat at our table and played street hockey with our boys. #prayforjace


Monday December 5th –

11:43am: Good news!! Jace does not need a blood transfusion today!! His numbers were a little low, but the
doctor said he was good enough to attend the Christmas party that they are having tonight. Thanks for the prayers. We really appreciate them. We are so thankful for God’s continued blessings over Jace.

9:53am: Jace is at St. Joseph’s All Children’s Hospital (BayCare Medical Group) getting his blood levels checked out. Praying that all goes well and that this will be a short visit for him today.



Tuesday November 29th –

5:23pm: Yay!!! We are on our way home. This has been a long day, but Jace is such a trooper. Thanks for the prayers.

10:59am: We are so thankful for the volunteers at St. Joseph’s Hospital. They give of their time to help patients like Jace pass the time while waiting for treatment.


10:48am: Jace’s numbers were a little low so we get to hang our for a few hours and get some blood and platelets.

9:26am: Praying for good numbers today as Jace gets some blood tests done.



Friday November 25th –

10:26am: We are already done and headed home. Thanks for your prayers.

9:11am: We are on our way to St. Joe’s for Jace’s last chemo shot of this phase. He has two weeks off, and then we try for the next phase. Thank you for continuing to pray for Jace.



Tuesday November 22nd –

6:13pm: The past two days Jace has gone in for his daily chemo treatments and has done extremely well. He goes in again tomorrow and then on Friday. He is such a brave little man. Joy and I are so proud of how well he is handling each new aspect of his treatments. We are grateful for each of you as you pray for us and support us in numerous ways.



Friday November 18th –

8:35am: Thanks for all the prayers for Jace this past week. He was able to get all four days of chemo taken care of. He now has a three day break then he gets to go back on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week. He gets to have Thanksgiving Day off! So far, he is doing great with the treatments. No major side effects. We have been told that the next few weeks will be a little more difficult on him. We are so thankful for how God has been protecting him during this whole process. We are extremely thankful for his doctors and nurses. They truly are a blessing to us and so many other children and their families. Have a great weekend everyone!

#prayforjace #godisgood #cancervacuums


Wednesday November 16th –

11:13am: Jace is getting ready to get his day 3 chemo


Tuesday November 15th –

11:50am: Jace had a good night. He was a little sick this morning, but is doing better now. We are headed home. Jace will return tomorrow and Thursday for a chemo shot. He has the weekend off and will come in again 4 days next week. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Monday November 14th –

8:52pm: Jace was able to get two more chemo treatments a little earlier. We are now waiting for the pharmacy to send up his fourth and final chemo for the night. He is tired, so once he takes it he plans to go to bed. Thank you all so much for praying for him and us today. We have truly felt your prayers and they enable us to stay strong for Jace. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many prayer warriors and friends.

5:15pm: Thanks for the prayers so far today. Jace had his first round of chemo around noon. He was then moved to his room for the night. Now we are waiting for his kidney levels to be at a certain number so he can get his next round of chemo. Then he will get two more after that. Long day, but he is still smiling and humming!


10:32am: Jace’s numbers were up and so now we are waiting for the lumbar puncture. Thanks for praying. #prayforjace


9:26am: Jace getting ready for chemo. He wanted to look like his daddy!


Sunday November 13th –


3:31pm: Tomorrow Jace will be admitted to the hospital for several rounds of chemo. Please pray that his numbers are high enough to begin treatment.


Monday November 7th –

10:28am: Jace’s counts weren’t high enough today. We will try again in a week.


8:37am: Getting ready for four doses of chemo which includes an overnight stay at St. Joe’s. I am so proud of how brave and tough this little boy is. #prayforjace


Friday October 28th –



Tuesday October 25th –

4:17am: Jace did great yesterday with his chemo. He felt a little sick last night and he had a headache, but he is doing well. His numbers dropped from around 4500 to 500 in one week. We are praying that they don’t get too much lower. Thank you so much for the prayers.


Monday October 24th –

8:43am: Hanging out with some of our new favorite people so Jace can get his chemo


Monday October 17th –

2:12pm: Jace did great today. He is home and resting. We are so thankful that he is off steroids for a week. Those things change his entire personality, he becomes depressed and stops smiling. He should get back to normal this week, but then he goes back on the steroids next Monday. Even in this we are thankful to the Lord for providing medicine, doctors, nurses, and staff that are able to help Jace beat Leukemia. Thanks for your prayers today and everyday.

8:56am: Getting ready for Jace’s next round of chemo this morning. Thanks for the prayers!


Thursday October 13th –

12:44pm: Jace did great today!! He slept through most of it and had no reactions to the chemo. Thanks for the prayers. His next treatment is on Monday.

9:24am: Jace is getting his chemo treatment today. Jameson is home with a fever so we are praying he feels better soon and that it doesn’t spread to others. Thanks for the prayers.


Monday October 10th –

2:42pm: Jace did well with his chemo today. Thank you for your prayers. We are headed home.

8:46am: We are at St. Joe’s Children’s Cancer Institute getting ready for Jace’s chemo. Check out the #prayforjace shirts!!!
#prayforjace #jacehasaprettymom



Sunday October 9th –

8:06pm: Hey everyone, tomorrow Jace begins his next phase of treatment, Delayed Intensification. This will be a prttey rough phase that lasts 8 weeks. If you bought a #prayforjace t-shirt and are able to, please wear it tomorrow and post pictures on Facebook so we can share them with Jace. His day begins with a round of chemo through lumbar puncture then two rounds of chemo through his port. He also starts back on his steroids. Prayers are so greatly appreciated. We are thankful that you are walking through this with us.


Thursday September 29th –

9:50am: Hey Everyone, I just wanted to say once again, Thank You so much for your support of our family. Thank you for purchasing these t-shirts! I have become aware that somehow there are other companies selling these same shirt designs. Please know, that if you do not follow this link to the shirt you will be buying from another company and we will not receive any funds from the purchase. I am looking into how and/or why they were able to steal my designs. So if you are interested in buying one of these please do not go to and do a search, just click on the link below. Thanks for your help.

Oh and by the way, we would like for everyone (if you are able) to wear your pray for Jace shirts on Monday, October 10, 2016. This is the day that he will start his new phase of treatment. Please post pictures on Facebook and tag us so we can show Jace how much he is loved and prayed for.


Thursday September 22nd –

5:39pm: After spending the whole day at St. Joe’s, we are finally home. His port wasn’t drawing back blood again and it took some time to get it working. We are so thankful for all the doctors, nurses and staff that take great care of Jace. Thanks for the prayers. We are now officially on a two week break!!!


9:16am: We are at the doctor’s office today getting Jace’s last treatment of this phase. He then gets a 2 week break before his next phase begins! Thanks for the prayers.


Saturday September 17th –


7:47pm: The CureSearch Walk raised $61,171.00 to help fund childhood cancer research. Jace was the comma in this picture. Thanks to everyone who participated, gave, and/or walked. #curesearch #mycancerhero #prayforjace


Wednesday September 14th –

11:41am: We just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have ordered a #prayforjace t-shirt. Your support and prayers are so encouraging to us. If you missed the last promotion you can click the link below and place your order if you are interested. Thanks again! We love you all!


Monday September 12th –

4:30pm: Thanks for the prayers everybody. Jace had some issues with his port not drawing blood so they had to do a port “wash” which added some extra time to our day. Everything else went great! PTL! On our way home now.

6:58am: This morning Carol Holtzhouse reminded me of a great verse; “In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3, NIV)

We will be going to St. Joseph’s in just a little bit for Jace to get three doses of chemo. One via lumbar puncture and two via port. It will be a long day and he will be put to sleep for the lumbar puncture. We appreciate your prayers this morning. #prayforjace


Thursday September 8th –

5:04pm: Hey everybody check out these awesome t-shirts!!! You can click below to order yours. The proceeds will help with medical expenses for Jace over the next 3 1/2 years. There are 5 colors to choose from and available in men, women, and kids sizes. Thanks for looking.…



Tuesday September 6th –

7:55am: Hey everyone,

Our family will be participating in the CureSearch Walk for Childhood Cancer on September 17, 2016. We would love it if you would consider helping us raise funds for Childhood Cancer Research. Just follow this link.…/CureSearch…/CureSeachWalk…

Thank you in advance!

The Driggers Family


Saturday September 3rd –

11:09pm: Thanks for praying. We are headed home!!!


9:52pm: Sitting in the ER room getting ready to have his port accessed so he can get some antibiotics in his system. He still has that amazing smile.

8:05pm: Jace is running a fever of 101.2. So we are headed to the hospital please keep him in your prayers tonight. Thanks. God bless!


Thursday September 1st –


8:39am: This morning we are at the Infusion Center getting Jace’s chemo treatment. Today marks the beginning of Childhood cancer awareness month. This month please take time to pray not only for Jace but for all children with cancer and their families.


Monday August 22nd –

8:34am: We are here to see if Jace is able to get his second round of chemo for this phase. Praying that all goes well and his numbers are what they need to be.


Thursday August 11th –

9:14am: Jace’s numbers are at 1280 today!!!! So he gets to begin the next phase of treatment. He is now getting ready to get two chemotherapies delivered via his port. Thanks for all the prayers leadng up to today and continued prayers throughout his treatment.


Sunday August 7th –


8:46am: Jace’s Dr. wanted him to build him a castle since he got to go to the beach. So here is Castle Mogul!


Tuesday August 2nd –


11:19am: This is us leaving the hospital!!! This also means that his numbers went up and the doctor says we can go to the beach. You prayed…God answered! Thank you all so much for praying for Jace.



Monday August 1st –

6:46pm: Jace and I hung out at the hospital all day today. His ANC is still a 0. We are praying that they go up to any level at this point. We are supposed to be going to the beach this week and Jace really really wants to go to the beach. I pray, for his sake, that he is able to go to the beach. He has been looking forward to it all summer long. The good news is that through all of this he is still smiling and laughing and having a good time. Cancer is no fun, but we refuse to let it get the best of us. We will smile and laugh in the midst of chaos because we have already been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. God’s goodness, grace, and mercy is so much better than cancer’s badness.

Tonight as you go to bed and please join Jace in his prayer for higher numbers and a beach trip. We love you all and appreciate your prayers.



Sunday July 31st –

6:49pm: Jace is still in the hospital…His ANC was at 0 on Friday, Saturday morning it came all the way up to 2 and now today it is back to a 0. We only need it to raise up to 500 so we can get out of here. His spirits are still pretty high though. We are praying that his ANC will come up to the proper levels in the next day or two. His fever is gone and we pray that it stays that way. Thanks for your prayers, I will keep you all updated as we trek along this journey.


Saturday July 30th –

7:39am: Jace was admitted to the hospital last night. His fever got up to 103.2 around 4:00am. Almost all of the tests have come back negative, so we are not really sure why he is running a fever. We were told in the beginning to expect things like this. Hopefully when we hear from the doctor today we will have a better idea of what is going on with him. Thanks for all the prayers.


Friday July 29th –

4:38pm: Real quick update…went to the doctor yesterday and Jace’s ANC dropped to 160 so we couldn’t start next phase. Right now Jace is running a fever of 100.5 which means we are heading to the hospital to begin IV antibiotics. Thanks for the prayers #prayforjace


Monday July 25th –

10:15am: I meant to do this last Thursday…Here is the latest update on Jace. This past Thursday Jace finished his Consolidation Phase which consisted of 3 lumbar punctures 29 doses of oral Chemo (given at home each day) and one IV dose of chemo. In order to begin the next phase, which is called Interim Maintenance 1, he needed to have had an ANC of 750, his was only 550 this past Thursday. This means that we will go back to the doctor this Thursday and have his ANC level checked again. Prayerfully he will be above the needed 750 so he can begin the next phase.

The good news in all of this is that for the past 3 weeks Jace has not had to have his port accessed, which means no needles and no bandaids being pulled off, so he is pretty happy about that.

Please join us in prayer concerning his ANC level. We are praying for at least 750. For a simplified explanation of ANC click on this link.

This next phase will last 8 weeks and consist of two IV chemos every 10 days and one lumbar puncture on Day 31. One of the chemos, methotrexate, has only been given to him via a lumbar puncture, but in this phase he will also receive it via IV. When given in this way it has a likely side effect of damaging his liver. So far, Jace has not had to deal with any side effects of treatment, so please continue to petition our Great and Glorious Father in Heaven on behalf of Jace. We are so thankful to each of you for your continued prayer, support, cards, gifts, and encouragement throughout this whole process. We serve a mighty God and trust His plan completely! More updates to come.


Friday July 8th –

5:49pm: All went well today with Jace’s treatment. The consolidation phase will be over in two weeks, but all he has to do is take chemo by mouth each night. So he is loving the fact of no doctor visits for two weeks. Thanks for the prayers.

8:38am: We are here for Jace’s last lumbar puncture of his consolidation phase. That means he has two weeks off before having to come back to the hospital.


Friday July 1st –

1:32pm: All done!! Now time for lunch at Panera.

11:13am: Jace is getting ready for another round of Intrathecal chemo (lumbar puncture). He also has an ear infection now.


Thursday June 23rd –

8:49pm: Yesterday we got a call from Jace’s nurse, Nicole, letting us know that his MRD (the test we have been waiting for) came back negative!! This is the result we have been praying for and desiring. What this means is that Jace is considered low risk. Tomorrow we will go in for a meeting to discuss the next phase of treatment and then Jace will get two rounds of chemo. One through a lumbar puncture and one through his port.

Thank you for your prayers thus far. Please continue to lift our little warrior up in prayer each day. Pray for minimal side effects from the chemo. Pray that he continues to be light to those working with him. Pray that Joy and I continue to use this to point people to Jesus. Pray that through this process God will shape us into the people He desires us to be. Pray that we don’t get so caught up in our lives that we miss opportunities to minister to others. We love each of you and appreciate you walking this journey with us.


Monday June 20th –

6:14pm: Jace did a great job with his procedure today. He wanted Five Guys for lunch and has been in a great mood all day. Thanks for the prayers.

10:25am: We are back at the hosptial for another bone marrow aspiration. They did not order the right tests for the one they did 10 days ago. Praying they order everything properly today.


Sunday June 12th –

5:35pm: Thanks for the prayers everyone. Jace has been released from the hospital. He was leaking some fluid from his lumbar puncture site and he was retaining too much water. One of the proteins that helps absorb water in the body is too low in Jace. So they needed to give him some albumin (the protein) and lasix. They were also keeping an eye on the leak. We are home now and we are looking forward to getting some rest.

God is good all the time!

7:03am: We are still at the hospital. Jace was admitted to a room around 3:00am. They have him on meds to remove his fluid. He has retained too much and it was starting to cause issues in other places. I am not sure how long we will be here, but at least several more hours. Their goal is to remove the extra fluid today. Thanks again for the prayers.


Saturday June 11th-

10:15am: Jace and I are at the ER. No major issues just a couple of concerns getting checked out. Thanks for the prayers.


Friday June 10th –

3:36pm: Great news!!! What we have been praying for became reality today. The initial bone marrow biopsy shows that Jace is in remission from leukemia!!! We are so thankful that our Heavenly Father has heard and answered our prayers. There are still more results that need to come in before we know what the next stage of his treatment will be. These upcoming results will let us know what his risk factor is and how to plan out his treatment for the next 3 1/2 years. Thank you for joining us in prayer, encouraging us, supporting us, and bearing our burden during this past month. All of this is great news, but Jace is not out of the woods yet. He will be treated with chemotherapy drugs throughout the next 3 1/2 years. So please continue to remember him in your prayers. We are so blessed to have such a great community of people who love us and pray fur us. You all are very special to us. We pray God blesses you as much or more as He is blessing us!

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

8:27am: The past month has been filled with many answers to prayer! So many different ways God has continued to show us His faithfulness. There are tons of possible side effects to all of the drugs that Jace has been taking. So far, aside from a few headaches, he has not had any of the side effects!! PTL! Even his hair has remained (there is some thinning, but it’s still there). We attribute that to God answering the prayers of so many saints around the world. Thank you!

Today we fully expect to see God’s faithfulness once again. Today is the day that they will do a lumbar puncture with chemo and then a bone marrow biopsy. The goal is that the last 29 days of treatment has removed all leukemia cells from his body. That is our prayer and that is what we are trusting God for today. Please join us in that prayer. I will update everyone once we have the results. It could be Monday before we know anything. Thank you again for loving us and praying for us!


Friday June 3rd –

5:25pm: Jace was a trooper today. He made it through everything and is glad to be leaving the hospital. Since it was supposed to be a short visit today we decided to bring Jaxson and Jameson along so they could see what chemotherapy is. 6 hours in the hospital with three boys was a lot of fun.  Thanks for the prayers.

10:33am: Day 22 of Jace’s treatment.



Friday May 27th –

12:16pm: Chemo is all done!! Headed home to get some lunch. This boy is hungry! And so is Jace

8:57am: We are here getting Jace’s day 15 chemo.


Monday May 23rd –

10:42pm: I just wanted to say that Jace is doing well since we have been home. He is eating 24/7 at this point so Joy pretty much lives in the kitchen right now. We go this Friday for another round of Chemo. Thanks for the prayers.


Sunday May 22nd – 

10:41pm: I just wanted to say that Jace is doing well since we have been home. He is eating 24/7 at this point so Joy pretty much lives in the kitchen right now. We go this Friday for another round of Chemo. Thanks for the prayers.


Sunday May 22nd –


Friday May 20th –

3:27pm: We just wanted to let everyone know that we are home!!!!! This first month Jace’s immunity will be very low so we are asking for no visitors in the home for now. If you do come by Joy and/or I will be happy to step outside to visit with you briefly. I know that you all undersand I am so very thankful for that. We will continue to post updates along the way. He still needs your prayers daily and Joy and I could use them often as well.

Here is a picture of us leaving the hosptial. Jace is soooo glad to be home.



Thursday May 18th –

8:52pm: All of Jace’s blood work is showing that he is doing exactly as they have planned. His ANC numbers were up today, but they will fluctuate from day to day. He is still at a high risk for an infection and will be for at least the next week or so. That means that visitors need to wear a mask and wash their hands, and if they are sick, stay away.

Tomorrow he will receive two chemo treatments, one through his port and the other through a lumbar puncture. So he will have to be put to sleep for the fourth time in 10 days. The great news is that he gets to go home tomorrow unless something unexpected happens. We are trusting that God will allow us to go home tomorrow afternoon.

Again, we are so thankful to all you for visiting, praying, emailing, texting, and calling. The love we have received has been amazing. For some reason God has allowed us to be supported by the most amazing people on earth. Through this whole process, we have been able to meet many more people who have come alongside us in support. Jace is going to bed now, and I plan to do so too. I hope you all have a great night and know that the Driggers family is extremely grateful for each of you!



Wednesday May 18th –

5:23pm: Today was a really good day for Jace! He woke up with a smile and said that he was hungry. He ate a big breakfast and later he ate a big lunch. Joy was able to go home and hang out with Jaxson and Jameson. She was also able to get some things done around the house. Which was much needed for her and the other two boys.

Jace’s blood work came back showing that the chemo is doing it’s job fighting the Leukemia. The drawback is that his ANC numbers are low. This is the number they go by that determines his risk for infection. Anything below an ANC of 500 means that he is at a high risk for infection. Today his number was 490. So that means anyone coming in the room to visit with Jace has to wear a mask so that they don’t introduce germs to his body. So we are asking that if you have been around someone who is sick or are sick yourself to please wait to visit him. His body needs all the help it can get to fight this cancer. Thank you for understanding.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the number of people reaching out to us to offer help, prayers, conversations, coffee, and other blessings. We are so blessed to belong to the body of Christ and we are seeing firsthand how the body ministers to each other. Thank you to everyone for your comments, prayers, visits, and well-wishes. I know these posts are being shared with people who have never met us and we are thankful to each of you as well. We pray that God will bless each of you as much as He is blessing us through you.


Tuesday May 17th –

4:58pm: The good news is that his MRI came back clear. Everything looks good. The other news is that it looks like anytime he has a headache he is going to have an episode. So we will pray that he has no more headaches.

God has been giving us peace and comfort through this whole process. And He will continue to do so. Thanks for your prayers.



3:59pm: Jace had his MRI earlier today. Thank you for praying that he would get moved up earlier, it worked!! When we got back to the room he wanted to eat and he wanted McDonalds. So I went and got him a happy meal. He ate all 6 chicken nuggets and some french fries. Then we went to a sand art activity the hospital was having for the children. He and Joy made a heart necklace filled with multicolored sand. He is now resting peacefully. Once we get the results I will post and let everyone know.

9:41am: God answered!! We are headed to the MRI right now!!

8:20am: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Jace has experienced very intense headaches which result in about an hour long screaming and crying episode. This is full of writhing around on the bed screaming at the top of his lungs. They (medical staff and doctors) have told us that it is most likely due to the steroids that he is on. Yesterday while he was having an episode the doctor happened to be in the room and witnessed it. Just to be on the safe side he has ordered an MRI of his brain to make sure that nothing is going on there. So today Jace will be put back to sleep so they can do the MRI. We should get the results within a couple of hours. He is scheduled to have the MRI at 4:00pm today, but there is a chance that a 9:00am spot may become available so I am asking for you to pray for the 9:00am opening. Otherwise Jace won’t be able to eat or drink anything all day until after he wakes up from the test. I know God hears our requests and petitions. I know that He may not always give us what we ask for, but we won’t know until we ask. So please ask for the opening. Thanks everyone we truly do love each of you and know that we are loved by you.


Sunday May 15th –

11:03pm: Today was a pretty normal day. Jace laid around and watched TV for a bit, slept quite a bit, and I managed to get a lot of smiles and laughs from him today. He had several visitors after lunch, although he slept through most of them smile emoticon Joy was able to go home for a little while so she could spend time with our other two sons, Jaxson and Jameson.

He tried to eat some dinner, but his jaw was hurting him each time he chewed food. We were able to convince him to take some pain meds to help with the jaw pain, but then a headache came on suddenly and I saw firsthand what Joy had to see last night. He screamed as loud as he possibly could for an hour straight. There was nothing I nor Joy could do to bring comfort.

I cannot even begin to explain the feeling of helplessness that one experiences when their child is in such agony. As a father my aim is to protect my family, to keep them from pain, to make sure that I am there when they are in pain. This whole ordeal of dealing with Leukemia is making me very aware of my limitations. Last night I was at home when his pain started and I could not get there in time to help him. Tonight I was on the bed with him and I could not help him. All I could do is watch him and pray that it would pass soon.

As I reflect on my own limitations I am reminded that my Father in heaven has no limitations. Time and space are huge obstacles for me to get around in order to help my son. But my Father in heaven is outside of time and space. I do not have the power to stop pain, heal cancer, remove the effects of chemo. My Father in heaven has the ability to do all of those things and more. Some would begin to question why He doesn’t intervene in the life of a child who is suffering. I am not sure that is the right question. If God is more than capable of preventing Leukemia, healing cancer, and removing pain and He chooses not to, then the question for me is not why, but what. What does he want me learn in this process, what does he want to accomplish through this? In what ways will He work this for our good (Romans 8:28) and for His glory?

You see God doesn’t do anything by accident and nothing catches Him off guard. He is not in heaven biting His finger nails trying to figure out what to do over this situation. This has been part of His plan for all along. So if this is His plan then every aspect of it has a purpose. I absolutely believe that He is going to do amazing and wonderful things through all of this. I also believe that this is going to hurt like crazy and be the hardest thing Joy and I (and Jace and many others) have ever walked through, but even in that we believe that He is a good good Father.

So, while the past couple of days have been extremely rough, we still trust and we still believe that He loves us and is walking us through all of this. Thanks for your continued prayers! Keep them coming because we know they are helping us each and every moment.

I pray you all have a good night!


Saturday May 14th –

9:30/10:00ish pm: Whew!!! He is asleep now!! Thank you so much for your prayers. Your prayers enable us to walk through this. God strength carries us through it. I will post more later.

8:30ish pm: Calling all prayer warriors. Jace is in excruciating pain right now!! Pray for relief. I am headed back to the hospital! Joy is with him watching him hurt. Pray for her too!

12:58pm: Jaxson and Jameson helping Jace fight leukemia. Jace has an awesome mom and amazing brothers, but best of all he has an all powerful, all knowing, and all loving Heavenly Father!



Friday May 13th –

9:49pm: Last night Jace was able to get some sleep (well as much as you can in a hospital). Today he began his “Induction” phase of treatment. They have started giving him chemo and steroids. He will stay here in the hospital for 8 days. As ling as everything goes smoothly he should be able to go home next Saturday or Sunday! Yay!

He had lots of visitors today and each visitor brought him some kind if a toy or a game or both. He is really enjoying the attention. His cousins Jacob and Joey came up and played with him for a while and he really enjoyed that.

We are rejoicing in the fact that so far he has not reacted negatively to any of the meds. We are fully aware that there will be difficult days ahead, but so many of you are petitioning the Throne of Heaven on his behalf and that is what is helping him respond so well.

Yesterday during surgery Joy and I read a little book written by John Piper called, “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”. He really knows how to put things in proper perspective. It is a free download on his website. Our hope is that, through all of this, much is made of Jesus and less is made if the Driggers family. At some point in the near future I will share more about God’s perfect timing, his plan to place us in the Tampa area, and how this is already being used to give God glory, but for now I am going to rest while my little champ is resting.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and well wishes. Good night!


1:16pm: Me and Jace getting ready to fight leukemia! The cool thing is that God fights our battles for us so we just get to hang out and look awesome!



Thursday May 12th –

9:30ish pm: Another great answer to prayer…ever since his surgery Jace has not had any of the severe pain that brought us here on Tuesday. I have been having to carry him everywhere since Tuesday, but all this afternoon and evening he has been getting up and walking places on his own. Praise God from whom all mercies flow! His only pain as of right now is the incision on his neck where the port line was put in. It is really bruised and will hurt for the next couple of days.

He had his first dose of chemotherapy today and we are praying for a good night’s rest and no adverse reactions to it.

We have spoken to him about what he has and what to expect. Right now he is the most upset about losing his hair, but he seemed to like the fact that I told him that as long as he had no hair then neither would I. Please don’t confuse that with thinking that I am going to shave my beard. Plus I told him that he could use finger paint and paint my head. Throughout this whole ordeal we will constantly look for opportunities to smile, laugh, and be silly. We trust God with the outcome so we are going to enjoy each moment as He allows us. Thank you so much for walking this journey with us. Your prayers and support mean so much more to us than you will ever know.


5:18pm: This is our little champ coming out of surgery. The port is in and we are ready to beat this thing. He is doing so well! Thank you for the prayer. Keep them coming please. We know James 1:2-6 is true and are trusting God to provide us with strength and endurance. He also know that God will use this to bring Himself glory and that is our hope.



12:07pm: Ok so here is a quick update…Jace has Pre-B A.L.L which is the most treatable kind of leukemia. So we rejoice in that news!! He is about to go into surgery in the next few minutes to have a port put in, to have a spinal tap, and to have dose of chemo. The treatment for this type of leukemia will be about 3 1/2 years so we are in for a long fight. Jace is strong, we are trusting, and God is faithful. Please pray for his surgery that happens within the next hour. As we learn more we will update you. We have been overwhelmed by God’s grace and your prayers and concerns. We know that your prayers are keeping us going. Thank you!


Wednesday May 11th –

8:50pm: There are many of you who already know, but many more of you do not know what has been transpiring in our lives these past two days. I will make a very long and emotional story somewhat shorter. Yesterday our middle son, Jace, began have extreme abdominal pain at 6am. He could not get comfort nor did the pain go away. He began to run a fever so we decided to take him to his pediatrician. She immediately sent us to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa thinking he may have appendicitis. After the first few tests and blood work came back that was ruled out. His blood work showed low levels in all three areas. So today, he had a bone marrow biopsy which resulted in a diagnosis of acute leukemia.

We are currently waiting for more tests to come back to determine which type of leukemia he has so that we can know the best way to treat it. Tomorrow he will have a port put in so that he can begin treatment immediately. They will also do a spinal tap to see if the leukemia cells are present there. The plan is for us to spend about a week in the hospital for his first round of treatment. After that, we are not real sure.

What we do know is this, we did not expect this, nor did we see any signs pointing to this, but we serve the God of this universe who knew about this from before the foundations of the earth. So it is in Him that we trust and it is Him who will give us the strength and grace and endurance to walk down this road. Joy and I overwhelmed with the amount of prayers that are going up for Jace, us, and our family. We are beyond blessed to serve an amazing church, Southside Baptist Church, who is supporting, loving, and praying us through this difficult time. We are blessed to know that there are people who live all over the world currently praying for Jace and us. As of right now we know of people in Asia, Africa, Indonesia, America, Japan, and other locations around the world. The prayers are keeping us sane for the moment so please continue to lift us up each time the Lord lays us on your heart and mind.

Rest assured that we are trusting God to walk us through this and when we can’t walk any further we know that he will carry us through. God intentionally gives us more that we can manage so that we will rely on Him and Him alone, but God will never give us more than He can manage.

Many of you have called and many will ask questions, posts comments, text, and/or call. We will do our best to respond, but we will not be able to respond to all. For now, we will use Facebook as a means to communicate with the masses. Please feel free to share, post, email, and even print information so that others will join in the ‪#‎prayforjace‬ fight. I will try to post something each day to keep you informed. Also, you can check in with our church family to get updates as well. Thanks for your friendship, love, prayers, and support. We hope you all have a blessed night.

We love you all,
Chad and Joy Driggers